Vale Law for Energy and the Environment

Represents an integrated set of services and capabilities that produce operational and cost-effective clean energy and green building projects.


We operate on both sides of the meter and we create both megawatts and negawatts.

Introducing SunBucksâ„ 

Now it is possible for everyone to profit from clean energy with SunBucksSM


Vale Law has developed the SunBucksSM system that makes solar energy available to everyone, at a price everyone can afford. This changes everything!


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Our clients are varied and include individuals,

associations, companies, corporations, not-for-profit institutions, and municipal and other governmental organizations. We have worked with start-up companies of one to international conglomerates of one hundred thousand plus. We appear before commissions, boards and tribunals. We explain projects to the public in person, in the media, and online.

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Welcome to Vale Law for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Green Building

Vale Law was established to assist individuals, associations, companies, corporations, municipal and other governmental organizations with their energy needs. We limit the scope of this practice to the matters surrounding the creation and transaction of responsible energy production and consumption systems. We can help you with your renewable and energy efficiency issues.

Our affiliates, partners and relationships are wide

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Our affiliates, partners and relationships are wide. We work regularly with highly experienced architects, electrical and civil engineers, certified public accountants, insurance brokers, utility personnel, and government regulators. We build buildings; we build generating systems; we add insulation and install windows and advanced heating-cooling systems. We know what it takes to get a job done.

But above all, we will work for you.

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